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what can physiotherapy help with?

Suffering from any kind of pain, whether it’s a one-off sports injury or a persistent arthritic pain, can have huge effects on general day-to-day life as well as taking part in sports and recreational activities. Thankfully, physiotherapy can help to alleviate your pain with a long-term solution by getting to the root cause of the problem. There are many conditions that physiotherapy can help with, below are just a few:

Sports Injury

Running injuries

overuse injuries are often caused by an increased training load that the body cannot cope with. e.g. Runners knee, Illiotibial band syndrome, shin splints, achilles tendinopathy

 Sports injuries

the multi direction component of many sports increases likelihood of sustaining an acute injury e.g sprained ankle or twisting your knee (often sprained ligaments or meniscal damage).

Hip pain

groin pain and aching pain down the front of your thigh may well be arthritic in nature. There are many other sprain and trains of the ligaments and muscles around this region.

Knee pain

illiotibial band pain, patellofemoral joint pain or patella tendonopathy (runners knee) are often caused by overloaded tissues. Getting to the root cause of these issues will help to improve the symptoms. There may well be strengthening work around the hip, foot and calf that needs to take place as well as improving your technique to help you return to your activities pain free. Knee pain may also be traumatic in nature e.g. an ACL rupture, MCL tear or meniscal injury. Exercises to help restore movement, function and balance are essential to get you back to your sports without fear of the injury happening again.

Back pain

pain in the lower back can be incredibly debilitating, often causing time away from work and sports and hobbies. Restoring your lower back movement and keeping active are important in the early stages of recovery. Physiotherapy can help to show you the right exercises to do as you progress back to your full fitness.

Neck pain

often poor posture and stress can combined to give an aching feeling at the lower part of your neck and across  the tops of your shoulders, this is often combined with neck stiffness. Stretching out the tight muscles will and improving your sitting position has greatly improves the movement of your neck and surrounding musculature.


burning or aching pain down the back and outside of your leg may well be caused by irritation to your sciatic nerve

Postural pain

many hours spent in one position can take its toll on our backs. Restoring normal movement through stretches and education to sit in the correct position is vital to help prevent the problem from re-occurring. 

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

joint replacements (knee, hip, shoulder), spinal surgery, knee arthroscopies, shoulder surgery

Please feel free to contact Phil about your condition or injury and he would be glad to let you know how he can help.


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