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gait analysis in Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick

gait analysis is taken with you running on real ground in the real world which gives a true reflection of what your running gait is really like

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running performance
running economy
running technique
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risk of injury
load and stress on the injury site

what is running gait analysis?

Gait anaylysis is used to help identify any issues you may have with the way you walk or run. A recording of you running will be slowed down and from here any biomechanical issues can be identified. These could be something a simple as too long a stride length (overstriding),  a cross over gait pattern (running with feet too narrow), or dropping at your opposite hip (sign of weakness around the glutes).

how can gait anaylysis help me?

By working on the issues found on your gait analysis video you will be able to imprvove your running technique. This in turn can take load off the injury site and therefore reduce your pain, reduce the risk of re injury and the future risk of other potential problems. An improved running gait also has the potential to improve your performance and running economy which is obviosuly great if you are pushing for that new PB!


After a short warm up, video analysis can be captured in just a few strides filmed from the front, back and side. You will get immediate feedback on your running gait and ways to improve your running technique

A slow motion recording is taken of you running outdoors on real ground to get a true reflection of what your running gait is really like


Gait analysis with identify any biomechanical issues your running gait may have. These issues will be adddressed with specific gait re-education training, running drills and strengthening exercises. Running is a skill that takes practice. You will be instructed how to best implement the changes needed to achieve this.


tel                       07858001415

working hours       Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5

location               Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth

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