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A stroke or Cerebro-vascular Accident (CVA) happens as a result of an interruption to the blood flow in the brain. This can be caused by a clot (ischaemic stroke) or a burst blood vessel (haemorrhagic stroke). The type and severity of symptoms of a stroke will depend on the location the circulation has been interrupted, how long it has been interrupted for and the size of the area affected.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

A stroke will usually affect one side of the body and some of the symptoms can be:


  • muscle weakness

  • reduced sensation

  • problems with balance

  • muscle spasms (spasticity)

  • neglect or inattention of the affected side of the body

  • pain

  • fatigue

  • problems with speech, swallowing and thinking skills

  • reduced mobility and difficulties with everyday tasks

Neurological Physiotherapy can help the brain to adapt and relearn after stroke to improve function and mobility. Treatment is focused on maximising the return of movement and encouraging as much independence as possible but also helping to minimise the secondary complications of stroke such as further tightness and weakness to muscles and stiffness to joints as a result of immobility.


To see how Fiona Stamper NeuroPhysio can help you recover from stroke call 07598756462.

Fiona can see you in the comfort of your own home in Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth and the surrounding areas.

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