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knee pain physio in Leamington, Kenilworth & Warwick 

Whether it is from the twisting activities involved in sports like tennis, squash or skiing or from everyday walking our knees need to withstand a lot of pressure. The load distributed over the knee joint can be up to 8 times the body weight when running.


The knee is a complex joint and does more than just bend and straighten your leg. The muscles, ligaments, cartilage and menisci (shock absorbers) also have to deal with the knee twisting which is often where a traumatic sports injury occurs.

Jumping Over Water

Repetetive impact forces are well delt with in the knee if you build up to your sport graually. The knee usually becomes painful in running activities when there is an overload that it cannot cope with. This is often down to training errors of doing too much too soon or too much speed work with not enough rest in between sessions.

Tying Shoelaces

So if you have had a sudden injury to your knee, if it has built up gradually playing sports or if the knee has become arthritic please give Phil a call to discuss whether physiotherapy could help. 


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