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Elaine Loveday


What better recommendation could be given than that of my GP? I was in severe back pain from lifting and twisting at the same time, which resulted in lumber spine muscle spasms – I could barely make it to the doctors! A call to Phil and he was able to come to me at my home on the same day – diagnose and offer me some reassurance and physio to ease the pain. Follow up appointments were further supported with clear emailed exercise instructions and within 4 weeks I went from not being able to move to gradually ease myself back in to running – Phil I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend to anyone!

Anna Glendinning


Phil is a great physio, very knowledgeable and supplied easy to follow strengthening exercises. It's also convenient that he travels to your house to provide treatment.

Rosie Riley


Phil is a terrific physiotherapist. He provides thoughtful and thorough analysis of exactly what the issue is, then progressively moves you forward till pain free and fully re-engaging with your sport. He is a real pleasure to work with. Very highly recommended.

Gurdev Singh


I saw Phil for knee pain and strengthening exercises after dislocating my knee. With his advice and exercises I am now pain-free and playing hockey again. I would highly recommend him.

Virginia Gray


Phi is a really great physio. He has been helping me with a hip problem that had worsen over a period of time prior to me seeking treatment. Over the past few months his knowledge and experience has identified the problem and significantly reduced the pain I was suffering via a number of treatment options - pressure point massage, acupuncture and strengthening exercises etc - along with lots of enthusiasm and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Phil to anyone requiring a physio.

Jackie Corby


Phil is excellent at his job. The fact that he can visit and treat you in your own home is such a bonus. He is an extremely knowledgeable and effective practitioner, always following up on progress, and suggesting exercises to help prevent recurrences of the problem. I recommend him most highly.

Mark Palmer


Phil has made a huge difference. The bespoke exercise plan that he devised has started to change my mobility and strength significantly. I have trebled the distance I can walk without pain. His personal style is approachable and he also takes the time to explain the crucial three elements: 1 Why we are doing a drill 2 What it entails 3 The benefits. The mobile service is so much better than having to travel and park at a hospital. Thoroughly recommended.

Peter Bowkett


I have known Phil through a family contact for some years and recently asked him to come to see me. In my late sixties and playing lots of golf I have suffered with back and neck injuries for years having tried physiotherapy with no real success previously. He has a very easy way about him and takes the trouble to explain not only what is wrong but how he is going to fix it.  We meet every two week at the moment with my having to do some exercises in between. I see so much progress and a great reduction in pain already. My plan is when recovery has taken place I will ask him to come to see me once a month to keep me up to speed.  

Denise Rawlings


Phil has been helping me with post op knee replacement for the last 2 months..I am very impressed with the care and encouragement he gives... The excercises are easy to follow and I would not be this mobile without his help..
I would defiantly recommend him ...and the added bonus , he comes to your home.!

Tim Preece


Phil has worked with me for well over 12 months now following complex spinal surgery. He is thoughtful, meticulous and knowledgeable. His guided exercises have really helped, as has the odd ironing-out session! He is punctual, polite and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending

Chris Mullhall


Phil's a great guy, and with all his years of training and experience, he really knows his subject. Recommend without hesitation.



On a recommendation, I went to Phil for help with post-operative hip replacement rehabilitation. Whilst I had been doing the prescribed exercises and had been doing some of them prior to my operation, I do not understand how the body/muscles work. It was only when I started to work with Phil that I learnt what exercises I really needed to do, how often I needed to do them and, most importantly, how to do them correctly , thus ensuring that the right muscles were being engaged. He has worked with me by monitoring my progress regularly and varying my exercise programme accordingly. He is patience personified and really knows what he is doing. For anyone who is post-op, especially in the first 5-6 weeks or is facing surgery, I would recommend starting to work with Phil as soon as possible.


Leamington Spa

Thank you for all your help. You have always made me feel that my problems were valid, could be massively improved upon, and have given me first class treatment and attention to ensure that happened. Thank you for your skill and unfailing patience and good humour. Now I am 90% pain free, over 3 stone lighter and much, much happier and confident.

Tricia Scott


Phil is one of the best physiotherapists I've come across. He's thoughtful and very skilled, so offers personalised treatment.

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